While this may not be your usual ‘restaurant review’ I did feel the need to write about this little place after recently trying it out.

Now, you don’t need to be a chocoholic to go here, but it helps! Dala 100% Chocolate, as the name may suggest, is a chocolate speciality café in Seomyeon, hidden away on Jeonpo Cafe Street and nestled between other little coffee shops and lazy-day hangout spots.

With a birthday celebration for my husband on the cards and Easter fast approaching, I knew it was time to try this place out, more specifically, I knew we needed to try their unique offering of the ‘Chocolate Dinosaur Egg’. This is pretty much their signature item and while I wouldn’t eat it daily (and you certainly don’t need to order one each, this is an item that needs to be devoured while sharing it with someone else!) you really do need to try this once in your lifetime!


While it’s not the only thing on the menu, it certainly is the sweet treat that pulls the crowds. Presented in an ice bucket, this original dessert comprises of vanilla ice cream, milk ice shavings (a local speciality known as Bingsu), chocolate flakes, chocolate balls and is then topped with a white chocolate ‘dinosaur egg’ that you smash open with a mallet to reveal chocolate ice cream and a chocolate dinosaur!

The breaking open of the dinosaur egg is quite the ceremony and is worth video footage but suffice to say that everyone wanted a turn! After the birthday boy had his go at smashing the egg, the kids delighted in taking over the duty to reveal the little dinosaur inside before attacking the dish in its entirety!


Like I said, it’s a dish to share, and even then, it takes some going to finish it all but for 12,000 KRW it’s worth a try! Also on the menu, there are an array of other chocolate inspired desserts from brownies and a fondant pudding, to chocolates, truffles and even burritos! There’s an extensive chocolate drink list as well…if you haven’t already indulged in enough chocolate for the day!

A great little place for a special occasion….. and one that is best shared with friends and family….

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