When I first moved to Busan there were a few hospital names that were kindly passed my way for future needs but I have to say that Bumin wasn’t one of them. As a mum of two children it’s fairly safe to say that we’ll need a doctor at some stage and we’ve certainly had a couple of visits to a few hospitals in the city for one thing or another.

Then one day, a friend recommended I try Bumin….

I turned up completely unannounced and without an appointment. I’d been instructed by a friend just to head to the “International Medical Centre’ on the ground floor and that everything would be taken care of from there! Instantly greeted by a friendly young lady who spoke lovely English, I felt it was off to a good start. She asked what my symptoms were and then lined me up with a doctor who’d be able to see me within the next 20 minutes – perfect. That gave me time to fill in a quick form, give her my id card/insurance details and, before I knew it, the doctor was ready to see me.

This is usually (from my past experience!) where the ‘help’ from the International Medical Centre stops, but not at Bumin. They honestly pride themselves in giving everyone a very personalised service and making you feel at ease. With this in mind, I was then escorted up in the elevator by Mira who sat and chatted with me in the waiting area before accompanying me to my doctor’s appointment just in case there was anything else she could assist with.

If there are any language barriers, the team of 3 girls who work with non-Korean speaking patients can assist with translation and speak Chinese, English, and Russian, on top of Korean. After my appointment Mira continued to assist me and helped with the payment/billing part at the main reception and got me off to the x-ray department. Every step of the way, I had this lovely young lady who really did make me feel as if nothing could go wrong with my time at the hospital.

It didn’t stop there either – I asked for copies of my invoice in English so as to send a copy to my insurance and it was sat in my inbox before I’d even reached home after the appointment. When I went back for my second appointment and to have some treatment in another department, Mira was there again – right by my side even though, in theory, I now knew my way around the hospital and could have done it alone. But no, this is the Bumin experience – and it’s exceptional!

The hospital itself was surprisingly quiet, and empty, at least it felt that way. I was never waiting or queuing for anything. The spaces were white, clean and open and it only added to the personal service I was receiving from the staff. For prescriptions they have an onsite pharmacy just outside the Emergency entrance doors. It’s a cute little free standing building just opposite where the ladies I spoke to were equally as helpful as the medical team inside.

Bumin is a leading hospital in joint and spine injuries, focusing on musculoskeletal patients, but don’t let this put you off. Yes, they have an excellent spine centre and a joint centre but they also offer:

Pain management

External wound fracture Centre

A Sports rehabilitation Centre


Digestive Organ Centre (gastrointestinal tract clinic, liver clinic, biliary tract and pancreas clinic)

They have state of the art equipment and can perform x-rays, MRIs, and have an amazing sports rehabilitation centre. So good in fact that the Lotte Giants use it as their official training spot.

Bumin also has an Emergency room which is open 24 hours a day so they can deal with out of hours fractures etc. They have a stand-alone pharmacy just outside and the hospital is located just a 5 minute walk from Haeundae Station (Line 2, stop No. 204). Their International Medical Centre really is fabulous an absolute life-saver if you’re a non-Korean speaker.





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