Located in the highly anticipated Ananti Town, home to the 5-star Hilton Busan in Gijang, ‘Eternal Journey’ is the latest bookshop to open its doors in Busan.

This lavish lifestyle shop not only brings a wide selection of books in Korean and in English but also offers a host of other goodies for the discerning traveler.

I went over to see the store last week and it’s quite the masterpiece. A large space that extends in all directions and leads you off into little annexes where they have set up different displays of items for sale; from clothing and leisure wear, to original decor for your home, it’s a really interesting set-up. While the main focus is books in the Korean language, you will also find (what I would call) your large impressive ‘coffee table’ books in English, as well as a nice selection in the children’s section.

With cozy seating and plenty of tables and chairs for browsing your favourite books, there is also a fabulous coffee shop with an impressive counter and a selection of snacks and drinks that almost acts as a centerpiece to the library set around it.

The children have their very own section at the back of the bookstore, which includes books in Korean and English, games, cute bedroom décor, art supplies, and even Trunkies. The little ones can get settled in to either watch a movie on the TV or to enjoy two large tables that they have set up with free use of wooden blocks and puzzles. While it’s not supervised, it’s enough to keep little hands busy for a while and it was certainly being made the most of when I visited!

The bookshop is elegant and grand and offers the ideal space to wander around and get lost in books. There are some unique gift ideas, paintings from local artists, and a section where you can sit back and use their iPads and headphones to listen to your favourite tracks, which makes this so much more than just another bookstore.

Definitely worth checking out if you are in the area; it’s a relaxing place to be and you could find yourself spending quite some time there. Take a moment to grab a coffee, sit and watch the world go by and enjoy their book collection.

Eternal Journey can be found in the new Ananati Cove out in Gijang. Within the Ananti complex, the little town that they’ve created houses a number of unique stores including this bookstore. Go to level B2F. They are open daily from 11am til 9pm.


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