From: Busan, South Korea
For: 3 nights and 4 days in April 2017
Via: Bus from Nopo Terminal (About 2.5 hours)
Lodging: A 360-year old house in Hahoe Folk Village
(100,000 KRW per night for 2 rooms (Slept 2 adults and 8 kids total). Outdoor kitchen, clean bathroom with shower.)



Andong, a city in South Korea.

Andong is a city on the Nakdong River, in South Korea. It’s known for its open-air heritage museums. Andong Folk Museum uses exhibits and re-enactments to explain traditional ceremonies like weddings. Its outdoor area has thatched houses and a pair of carved totem poles. West of the city, Hahoe Folk Village has tile-roofed homes and traditional food. Nearby, Buyongdae Cliff has expansive river views.


I’m in Busan and I had a chance to travel to Andong. I’m a traveller myself, I really enjoying seeing different parts of the world. But sometimes, it’s just so hard to push myself to get on a trip. With the given opportunity, I left home for Andong via bus at the Nopo Terminal (Subway Line #1; orange line) in Busan.

It was my first time traveling from Nopo. I was worried for a bit, but soon found that everything was so simple.

  1. Tell where your destination is.
  2. Pay & receive the ticket.
  3. Find your platform.
  4. Hop on the bus!


 @ Nopo Bus Terminal

 The platform #37

 In the bus


With one stop at a rest area on the way, after 2.5 hours, I finally arrived to Andong. Right outside, you can take a bus #46 and it will take you to the entrance of the Hahoe Folk Village. Bus ride is briefly an hour.



👈 Andong Bus Terminal.
There are gift shop, food court, convenience store, Lotteria,
and some other shops at the terminal.




Waiting for bus #46
to go to Hahoe Folk Village.








 After a while, the bus screen showed my destination. Hahoe Town.


The place the bus drops you off is the entrance of the village. You have two options to take a shuttle or to walk. It’s a 10-minute bus ride or a good walking distance.




This is where bus #46 drops you off at. You can purchase a ticket to the village here and take a free shuttle. If you’re staying longer nights at the village, daily ticket purchase is required to take a shuttle.





This is a free shuttle bus you’ll be taking.



The shuttle drops you off at the village center and you have to walk for a bit to take a look. Like I said earlier, I stayed at a very old house where people still live. Mine was called Jak-Cheok-Go-Taek and a very sweet old couple were the owners of the property.
(There are lots of other guest houses in the village as well.)




This guest house, Jak-Cheon-Go-Taek, is made with three different buildings and one bathroom.
The picture below is the entrance of the house and one below is the master’s building.



This building was for guest uses.






Under the roof were swallows and their houses.
Every morning, I woke up to their chirp and tweet.






One thing I really loved about Andong was that air was so clean and sky was very high, which is uncommon to see in Korea.



Hahoe Church













A 600-year old tree








You write your wish and tie it around the fences around the tree.





 @ a random alley.




Oryza (rice plant)






Three really tall wooden swings













Other things to do in Hahoe Village

The village offers free performance three days every week – Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays at 2.


Click here to watch a video



Buyongdae (Cliff with a view of the whole village)


The top of the cliff is Buyongdae.

There is a small Korean traditional boat from land to the other side but it’s ONLY on rainy days. (A very short boat ride)

Your other option will be riding a taxi to Buyongdae.

View of the folk village from Boyongdae. The village is surrounded by Nakdong river.




I really liked staying in Andong for 4 days. Although I couldn’t do everything I wanted to since this trip was through the school I work for, I loved every single moment during the stay and I’d definitely go back to the area.


The sky was so clear that I was able to see lots and lots of stars.




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