Once the Cherry Blossom season really hit, I knew we had to be quick about getting out and seeing this splendid sight with our very own eyes!

I knew there was the highly-talked-about festival held out at Jinhae and I’d been told that Gyeongju was another nice spot, but we were short on time and wanted to fit in a few locations in one day so decided that Busan was the way to go – and we weren’t disappointed.

We chose to head down to Oncheon, which is very centrally located and lies between Allak-dong in the Dongnae District and Yeonsan-dong in the Yeonje District. The long stream that runs between the two districts offers great walks and bicycling any time of the year, but when spring unfolds, this little neighbourhood really is a sight to be seen. With uninterrupted rows of cherry blossom trees on either side of the stream, the water reflects the shades of pinks so beautifully. Blossoms hang down over pathways, and there are cute wooden boardwalks on both sides that allow you to take some lovely photos while the flowers offer the perfect backdrop behind you. You’ll get a glimpse of rape flowers and other blossoms, as well as being able to cross the stream via stepping stones which allows you to take photos from a central point in the water which I absolutely loved!

This is the view from the stepping stones that lead over the water

As the whole stretch of the water is home to the cherry blossom, parking wasn’t too difficult but, if you prefer, the area is very easy to reach by metro meaning it is just a couple of minutes walk from Dongnae Station (line 1).

There were quite a few people; there’s a very good cycle path, as well as a few play areas for the kids and outdoor sports facilities for adults, so it’s a family spot that works well on the weekend, but it didn’t feel crowded and instead gave it a lovely atmosphere. Definitely a great place to get your fix of cherry blossom and take some lovely souvenir photos.



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