Hello everyone. Today, I will be reviewing a product called Dr. Troub Skin Returning Zinc Mask. I have received a request to go over more of my skin type. For those who are curious, please see below.


More on My Skin Type

As I mentioned briefly in my previous article, I have crazy sensitive skin. I have both rosacea and eczema. Rosacea is a skin condition that basically can cause red pigmentation, swelling, and acne-like breakouts. For me, I mostly experience red pigmentation and acne-like breakouts. If my skin gets too dry, I usually get eczema. Eczema has a similar effect on the face where my skin can get inflamed, itchy, red, cracked, and pretty rough. With both, using makeup and having a proper skin care routine can be quite challenging. Back in America, I had to use more expensive skin care products and better quality makeup. If I tried anything from the drug store or generic, my skin usually had many of the symptoms listed above. Coming to Korea, I need to adjust the way I think of skin care and make up as I cannot get the same products I used before. Also, this gives me a chance to learn more about healthier skin products.

A Little about the Mr. Troub Company or rather the Sidmool Company

From what little information I can find in English, Mr. Troub seems to be part of the Sidmool Company. The Sidmool Company has not been around for very long, opening in 2006. The focus of this company is to make quality products at an affordable cost. They believe that cosmetics and skin care should focus on the natural products that are good for the skin while being affordable.


How the Product Works

This mask contains 40% Propolis extract, 7% Zinc Oxide, and Kanzou Furabonoido (Flavonoid). Honestly, I don’t know what any of that means so I researched a bit more into it to see how the ingredients work together.

To start off with, Zinc is in most sun blocks, acne treatments, and special lotions that treat sensitive skin issues like rash. This is especially good as people who have rosacea like me can use this to help treat our sensitive skin naturally. This ingredient can lower swelling and redness related to allergies, skin irritation, and rashes. It can also help treat acne breakouts, shrink pores, and prevent the skin from aging further. Another benefit to using this, is that it can help keep moisture locked for those who have dry skin. This seems to be a good ingredient to have for sensitive prone skin.

Propolis comes from of resin that honey bees collect from various sources like tree buds, saps, or other botanical things. This can be used to fight acne and is considered a type of antioxidant. As an healing and antiseptic agent, Propolis can help problematic skin by de-congesting pores and protecting against things that can cause skin agitation. This is essentially an ingredient that acts as both a defender and healer to your skin barrier.

Last, Kanzou Furabonoido seems to be a man-made chemical that also serves as something called a flavonoid. I was not able to find anything really that describes what this does for the skin; however, this seems to be an ingredient in many Asian skin care. I don’t know if this is a binding agent or if this also serves to help restore and maintain your skin barrier. In relation to a flavonoid, a flavonoid is large group of plant pigments that serve as an antioxidant and UV protector. It seems that this is a type of plant-like ingredient that is similar to green tea in that it has protective benefits and is good for the skin’s defense. If anyone knows what this does or another name for this, please let me know and I will update this accordingly.


Directions on How to Use it (For those who don’t know Korean like me)

The product I got has only Korean instructions. For those who have the same version and would like to know how to use it, please see below. The directions are pretty straight forward.

1. Clean the skin before applying the product.
2. Apply the product and message in circular motions.
3. Leave on for 10-20 minutes (I like to leave it on 20 minutes)
4. Wash off with warm water OR you can use a wet cotton pad/washcloth to wipe off.
5. Can be used 1-3 times a week (Do not use more as it will be counterproductive)



Once again, I did not have much expectations for this product as I have never tried a zinc mask before. I am hoping it helps with my pores and soothing my sensitive skin as my rosacea has left my skin more red and broken out these days. My skin has not been very dry lately, in part due to the Innisfree wash mentioned in my previous post, so I don’t know if it would moisturize it more or help retain my skin’s moisture. Also, I am not sure how this mask will feel as it is something I have never tried before. I am used to clay and gel based masks.  Above are some before pictures of my skin.  As you can see, I do have some redness in my face and irritation.



My first time trying the mask was quite amusing. A little seems to go along way so a nickel size is perfect for me. When I put it on, it felt like I was putting sun screen. It was smooth and light; yet, it somehow felt like there was a thick layer on my skin. Unlike clay and gel based masks, it did not feel tight or tingly during the time I left it on my face. I actually forgot I had it on and almost did not wash it off! Obviously, I did not notice a huge difference after one use but my skin did feel soft and clean.

After 2 weeks of use, I did notice some changes in my skin. The redness did go down quite a bit and my breakouts related to rosacea have almost completely gone away. This is awesome as I had had trouble getting rid of the redness on my nose and cheeks and wanted avoid putting more makeup to cover it up. My skin is also feeling softer and less irritated in general. When my skin starts feeling agitated or dry, it gets super itchy. That feeling has gone down. I don’t know if it is due to it helping rosacea or maintaining the moisture in my skin; but it has made a difference. Aside from that, not much else has changed. I don’t think my dark pores have gone away but the white heads have gone away. Honestly, I don’t know if I had much white heads to begin with and am not sure if this product was supposed to target dark ones as well.

Bottom Line

If you have sensitive, problematic skin and need something that helps soothe and treat skin WITHOUT irritating the skin further, this is definitely worth a shot at around 14,000 won ($13.40 ish USD). Also, this will definitely make a difference in reducing any redness in your skin while maintaining moisture. If you are looking just to treat acne and have pretty severe acne, this may help reduce some of it but may not make a huge difference as zinc oxide products is a hit or miss depending on a person’s skin. Overall, I would pair this with a good, deep cleansing skin care routine and good moisturizer. If you would like to checkout what cleansing routine I am using now, check my earlier post below. As I mentioned in my earlier post, please feel free to comment and let me know what you think as I am always open to new ideas and suggestions.


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