Ellium Hospital in Jangsan opened it’s doors back in 2004 and has become far more than just a general hospital. With special divisions aimed at women and children, they have become one of the go-to centres in the city of Busan for their professional care and hi-tech offering.

The hospital spans many floors and offers a number of different services. If you’re new to Ellium and you don’t speak Korean, don’t worry – head directly to the 10th floor where they have their ‘International Clinic’. While the girls behind the desk don’t necessarily speak a lot of English, they will instantly phone their translator team and someone will meet you at the desk. Our first experience was with a new girl Heather, a follow-up appointment saw us dealing with Sarah. Now, nothing to do with the fact that’s she’s my namesake, but she was fabulous! Accompanied us everywhere, translated the doctor’s comments, helped us at the cashier with billing and prescription requirements; really faultless so don’t hesitate in asking for their international team who are there to help, and at no extra cost. It really does make the process so much easier.

Ellium branches out into specialised centres at their Women’s Hospital which covers a wide range of services.  They have a Postpartum Care Centre and a New Baby Care Unit, along with their obstetrician-gynecologist staff. They also have dedicated teams for plastic surgery and aesthetics that offer medical skincare programmes, and treatment options. A one-off appointment with a dermatologist is extremely reasonably priced and the centre on the 9th floor is really quite smart.

Ellium children’s Hospital is yet another branch of the main hospital and is located on the 7th floor of the hospital. It’s a colourful little hub to make the little ones feel at ease. There are fish in tanks, books in Korean to read, and a few pieces of medical equipment around that are safe for children to explore and use themselves. They can even take their own measurements while they wait for their appointment.

There are General Practitioners available for walk-in appointments every day, in fact, they don’t have am advance booking system so it’s a case of turning up on the day and waiting for your turn. We’ve been there twice now just for vaccination purposes but they offer a range of services for children. Again, reception staff don’t speak English, but again our translator came along with us to go over the paperwork etc.

Ellium Hospital is well-located right on the Jangsan crossroads, close to anyone living in the Haeundae area.

They are open 6 days a week (closed on Sundays and holidays) and general clinics close for lunch between 1-2pm

If coming by car they have a car park right beneath the building. Head up the hill towards Hillstate and it will be on your right-hand side.

If coming by public transport, it actually couldn’t be easier. The entrance to the hospital is right on the Jangsan station (Line 2, stop 201). Come out of exit No. 11 and look for the pharmacy straight ahead of you. Alternatively you can take the bus, with numbers 139 and 180, stopping right outside.


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  1. Haley

    Ellium is my go-to hospital when I have issues with my body. I hear quite often that it’s not normal to go see a gynecologist for an unmarried woman in Korea and a lot of times, you’re being disrespected by the nurses or the doctor, but at this place, I’ve never had such experience. I’ve been going to this hospital since my year 1 in Korea and I’m very glad I found this hospital.