Every fall in the city of Jinju, there is a lantern festival. The lanterns are located everywhere around the Jinju Nam-gang(진주 남강; Jinju Nam River) and Jinju Sung(진주성; Jinju Castle). This year, one will start soon in the beginning of October.

The main theme for this year’s festival is [Water, Fire, Light, and our Hopes], with sub theme of [Korea’s Traditional Annual Rituals] and even small themes of [Fisherman’s Fire] and [Pearls].

The city of Jinju planned this year’s festival to assure all their visitors that this year’s lantern festival will be the most Korean festival but also it’s showing global side of it by locating some lanterns that represents world-renown objects like the Eiffel Tower.


Entrance Fee: 10,000 KRW
Jinju Residents: Monday – Thursday: FREE
Gyeongsangnamdo Residents: Monday – Thursday: 50% off
Students(Up to 12th grade): 50% off
Seniors (65 and above): 50% off
Re-entrance permitted




Below are the pictures taken at the same festival back in 2012.


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