Today, I’m going to review a lip patch from Tony Moly called Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patch. As summer is now upon us, it is nice to find ways to help cool off after a hot, exhausting day. What better way than to try a Korean face or lip mask to help ward off the heat and take care of your skin? I believe that a gel mask or patch will help with just that.

About Tony Moly

The Tony Moly brand is a pretty big brand in Korea. They began its business in 2006. Since then, it has become a huge industry for K-Beauty products. They sell a variety of products from masks, to skincare, to makeup, and even hair products.  Many of their products include natural ingredients rather than harsh chemicals.

How It Works

This product uses extracts from 4 different berries; blueberry, strawberry, blackberry, and bearbury leaf, to help smooth and firm lips. Many types of berry extracts are known for its ability to provide moisture and Vitamin C to the skin. The design of the lip patch itself also helps to absorb moisture and apply a cooling effect using a hydrogel substance. The directions are pretty straight forward. After washing and drying your face, put on the patch and leave on for 20-30 minutes. Afterwards take off and pat to absorb moisture

My Thoughts on the product

This lip patch is pretty interesting overall. The hydrogel substance is actually pretty cool in that sticks on pretty well and gives a light, cooling sensation when you put it on. The size of the lip patch is a bit large for me, but I do understand that it is to accommodate more than one size and help take care of the skin around the lips. I do feel a bit silly wearing the patch; however, I love that this product is fun and seems intentionally designed for it.. In terms of effectiveness, my lips do feel somewhat softer and more moisturized. For under 3,000 won, this is definitely worth trying in my book.


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