If you’d have asked me, even only a year ago, if I’d be training daily at a boxing gym, I would probably have laughed at you,but……here we are!

For years I have been a gym fanatic and even wrote a post for Korea in One on my delight at finding Les Mills classes here in Busan, and being able to continue my training. But, after a year of my usual classes and a drive that was too long for just an hour at the gym, I thought I’d take the opportunity of trying something new during my time in South Korea.

I’m not sure how I came across the ‘Power Boxing Gym but I am so glad I did! Located near Centum, the gym is owned by Mr. Lee, who is also the trainer and so very knowledgeable about boxing, and fitness in general. Having lived and studied in Chicago when he was younger, Mr. Lee has managed to keep up a surprisingly good level of English and has a very nice way of explains techniques and ideas to everyone.

The gym itself is open daily and is fully equipped with boxing gear, jump ropes, treadmills, weights, and a boxing ring. With December shortly upon us, the gym has just switched to a winter timetable for the next few months which sees the gym open to members, Monday to Friday, from 4pm til 11.30pm. Besides being able to use the gym for your own training during these hours, Mr. Lee has fixed hours for coming in for a 50-minute class with him; these are currently 12 noon, 5pm and 8pm, but it’s also worth noting that Mr. Lee is extremely flexible and dedicated to the fitness of his members that he will willingly set up alternative times for training sessions if there is a need for other timings. he personally loves an early work out and in the summer months has a training session at the gym at 5.50am.


I was (and still am!) a complete beginner to the world of boxing so, fear not, the gym is suitable for newbies too! It’s perfect for people of all levels, children, as well as women, can enjoy lessons in a safe environment under an instructor who has years of experience. In the month I have been a member of the gym, I have learnt so much, and not just about boxing, but my general fitness, and techniques to improve my stamina and focus.

For people wanting to get involved in boxing, Mr. Lee offers a free trial class for you to go along and see how things work. If you’d like to sign up, a monthly membership will cost you 110,000won and gives you unlimited access to the gym. Take a membership for 3 or 6 months and receive great discounts while still training with one of the nicest gentlemen I’ve met in Busan.

If being outdoors is your thing, Mr. Lee regularly runs the Haeundae – Songjeon route as well as tackling mountain trails at Jangsan which he invites members to join when they can. He is also a certified cycling trainer and is always up for a cycling challenge if you’d like to be a part of that too.

With 2018 rapidly approaching, if you fancy a new challenge for a new year, have a serious think about checking out Power Boxing Gym….and maybe I’ll see you there some time 😉


The gym is located at 111-1 Jaeban-ro, Haeundae-gu. There’s a

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