Puro Juice in Centum City, Busan


I was on my way to meet a friend in Centum City and I saw this place, hidden between Hello Lao and a ddukbokki place.

I was so curious that I had to check it out. 🙂 After the visit? I FELL IN LOVE!




I love that they have an outdoor area to sit and relax. 🙂

Summer might be too hot to sit out, but I think that’s still an option until it gets really hot and humid in July and August.



Their prices weren’t bad at all!

Small at 2,800 won and large was 3,900 won 🙂

They have their menu outside so you can check out before you enter and see if they have things you like.




What I loved the most….

They put no sugar and no additives!




The owner gave me a fan and it explained what their smoothies/juices didn’t have: no sugar(simple syrup), no artificial powder, no artificial flavor, no food color and no msg. And everything on their menu(except coffee), they use fresh fruits and vegetables. ❤️


I really liked the interior as well.

They selected the color pretty well I would say. Having a large window/glass wall, green and white seats, and (though it’s fake,) green grass outside made me feel refreshed and healthy.



This is a size comparison between small and large. Large cup is 900won more expensive, but much bigger. To be honest, small cup seemed too small for me.



Overall, I highly recommend this place. If you like these types of smoothies (I mean healthy smoothies), you must check it out.

For me, it was super convenient to be able to see all the ingredients on their menu as I’m allergic to a couple of fruits. While I was worrying about my allergies, the owner said there’s absolutely nothing more they put in their smoothies than what it says on the menu so I could make my decision pretty easily.

For those who doesn’t want that healthy sip, they also serve regular coffee shop menu but as their specialty is smoothies, I am not sure how good their coffee is. 😅

I also have to say, they open early in the morning (yesssss)! So if you live nearby, you can stop by and start your day with a cup of fresh smoothie. They open at 7:30 in the morning.




It’s close from Centum City subway station. Use exit #4, walk straight and take the first right. For more info, 👇👇👇

For map and contact information, click here 😊

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