Busan just got a little bit more retro with the opening of a new roller skate park out near Gijang, and we went to try it out!

After a discussion with some friends about roller disco parties in Ulsan (!) someone mentioned a new place that had opened in Busan but none of us had actually been there. As we had a half-day at school last week, I decided to make an afternoon of it and try the place out. It was pretty quiet (aka, we had the place to ourselves for the majority of the time!) but it was a ‘school day’ and just meant we could really get a good idea of the place and make the most of our time.

“Dong-Busan Roller Park” only had it’s grand opening in May 2017, but the new addition to the business park opposite Lotte Outlet Mall is great! It’s clean, it’s spacious, it’s fun, and the gentleman who runs it was very helpful and kind, even though he only spoke a small amount of English.

We (well, my children!) went along armed with skates, helmets and everything else, which, in theory is absolutely fine, but they do also have everything there that you could possibly need and it’s all included in the fee. Hundreds of pairs of roller skates line the shelves and, if you feel you need it, they have elbow and knee pads too. Just be aware that they don’t allow inline skates at the centre, only the roller skates pictured below so the skates we brought along stayed in their bag!

With unfamiliar skates, the gentleman who runs the place was really nice with my children and helped them into their boots and into the skate park where he gave them some instruction on how best to skate – easier said than done when you’re used to your own blades! It took a while but they had certainly gotten the hang of it by the time we left and I’m sure a return visit will be on the cards!


The circuit is an L-shape, the section near the seating and coffee shop is bright and has a lot of natural daylight. Once you get down the end and turn the corner you are in the darkened area with laser lights going, dimmed lighting and music videos playing on the big screen. If you’re not skating, they have a large seating area, as well as a viewing area right the way around the arena. There’s also a cafe offering hot and cold drinks, snacks, and ice cream, and you even get a seaview!

I have to say that it was our first ‘roller disco’ and it was fun! They are open daily from 10am to 10pm, with the exception of Monday when they close. If you’re bringing and using your own skates, children pay just 5,000won for a 2-hour session, but if you want to rent all the gear, it’s 8,000won (10,000won for adults) for all the equipment as well as your two hour skate.

To enjoy the new Roller Park, you’ll need to head out past Songjeong in the direction of the large Lotte Outlet Mall. The below building is what you are looking for, right opposite the large outdoor parking lot for the mall. They are up on the 5th floor with free parking underneath the building, accessible from the rear. Happy roller skating!



For map and more information, click here 🙂

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