It had to happen; I’ve been in Busan for almost a year with no major technology mishaps so it was only a matter of time until my iPhone decided to completely give up, freeze, and then just turn itself off with absolutely no way of getting it to switch back on again. We tried all the quick fixes at home, googled our way through troubling-shooting techniques, hooked it up to different devices, but nothing worked and it was looking pretty fatal.

Fortunately I had a couple of friends here in the city who had already run into varying degrees of problems with their phones and pointed me to a little place down in Marine City.

Located in Sun Plaza (right opposite HomePlus) you will find “I-Care’, a little workshop located on the 5th floor of the building. I feared the worst for my phone but this is where the magic takes place! An initial look at my phone at the shop didn’t look too promising but Yong Seung wanted time to really look into the problem as there was no quick fix solution this time. A week later and here I am one very happy customer, with a working phone!

While I’m not going to suggest he is an authorized Apple store, this gentleman really does know his stuff! The workshop space is great and has a cosy seating area for you to wait while he does minor repairs on the spot, he has every component and spare part for almost every Apple product ready to use, and will happily spend time to tackle more difficult issues, or just do a quick screen change for you. He has the most miniature of tools for opening up your devices and clearly has a very in depth understanding of how these things work which is probably why he comes so highly recommended. He will only work with Apple appliances, so there’s no point taking your Samsung phone to him, but he works with iPods, iPhones, iPads and more. He speaks both Korean and enough English to deal with expatriate customers and, will buy old phones to be able to use as parts.

I was truly very happy to find such a place here in Busan and Yong Seung was extremely knowledgable, professional and trustworthy. His prices also seemed very reasonable (a charge of 150,000won for a week’s worth of work on my phone and numerous attempts to get it working!) and I would happily return to him should there be a next time! But don’t take my word for it – he has a pin board up on the wall full of little notes of gratitude and praise from all his satisfied customers. So when you’ve given up hope, there’s still a chance that all your Apple problems will be solved!


I-Care For Apple

Sun Plaza (Opposite HomePlus)

Floor 5, Unit 510

Marine City, Busan

Tel. 051-744-6710




Directions: If you’re coming by car, you can park at HomePlus and just come out of the side entrance and cross the street to Sun Plaza. If using public transport, the nearest main stop is at DongBaek (stop 204) and then you’ll have a short walk in the direction of Marine City. I-Care is openly daily from 10.00am, with the exception of Sundays and official public holidays.



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