What does a coffee shop mean to you? Before coming to Korea, a coffee shop literally meant what it says. In college, cafe was a place to finish my projects with loads of caffeine, and after college, was a place to start my day. To be honest, I’m not much of a coffee drinker myself, but can I live without coffee? I don’t think so.

So far, Korea has provided me the joy of finding cutesy little cafes in hidden alleys. But. Did you also know there are tons of “themed cafe”s in Korea? Today, Korea in One is here to teach you all about Korean cafe culture.


1. Kids’ Cafe (키즈 카페)

It is a space made for kids and their parents. Kids’ cafes have enough space for both kids and parents. Kids can play around and while moms can sit back and have their own time with a cup of coffee or tea. Different kids’ cafes have different themes. There are kids’ cafes with indoor play area, baking/cooking theme, craft theme, etc…

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2. Animal Cafe (동물 카페)

Are you an animal lover? Do you want to have a pet so bad but you’re afraid of having your own? Too much responsibility? Too time-consuming? Animal cafes are for you, then. You’ll enjoy playing around with cute animals. 🙂 🌱Be careful if you’re allergic to any of these animals!

……………Dog Cafe (애견 카페)

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Usually you’re allowed to bring your dog and let it play with new friends. Don’t worry if you don’t have a dog! You can just walk in and sit among several furry friends. Until recently, dog cafes only had an indoor play area for dogs, but it’s developing it’s form like doggy swimming pool, grooming salon, and even training schools.


……………Cat Cafe (고양이 카페)

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Cat cafes don’t allow you to bring your cat to the cafe. Cats are not as friendly as dogs but they do welcome you in their own way. They usually walk around or sleep. Very quiet unlike dog cafes. 🙂


……………Raccoon Cafe (라쿤 카페)

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Raccoons are hard to see, especially in Korea! Even in the U.S., it’s hard to find a family with a pet raccoon (I personally have never seen any family with a pet raccoon). Due to its rarity, people are curious about them! At raccoon cafes, you can get closer to raccoons and get to know them!


3. Book Cafe (북카페)

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Do you enjoy reading but libraries are too quiet for you and bookstores are too crowded? Grab any book from a bookshelf, sit at a table, grab your coffee — then you’re ready! There’s a quiet background music playing and you’re free to read any books.


4. Comic Cafe (만화책 카페)

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Very similar to book cafes, but comic book cafes only have comic books. They have been in the K-culture for a long time but recently, they started to be super fancy. At most comic book cakes, you get your own ‘cave’ and you can just lay down and read without disturbance. You can pay per hour and it comes with a drink or a bowl of ramen.


5. Self-Nail(Manicure) Cafe (셀프네일 카페)

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Do-Your-Own-Nails! Been going to nail salons but also always dreamed of doing your own nails? Go to a self-nail cafe and have a dream set of your nails. Self-nail cafes also sell cute stickers and decorations to put on your nails.


6. Fishing Cafe (낚시 카페)

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Fishing cafes are indoor fishing reservoirs. You can pay to fish indoors conveniently. Pretty often they give a prize for the best fisher of the day. At most places, you’re not allowed to take fishes you caught. If you like to fish, go check it out!


7. Resting(Healing) Cafe (힐링 카페)

In this complicated world, a lot of people are living this super fast-paced world without getting enough rest. At resting(healing) cafes, you’ll be able to get what your body needs.

……………Massage Cafe (마사지 카페)

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Massage cafes have several massage chairs and you can sit and get massages for a short amount of time.

……………Nap Cafe (낮잠 카페 / 수면 카페)

At nap cafes, you can take short naps without any disturbance. Some nap cafes have small partitioned area for one bed or some places have hammocks. Go find a nap cafe with your preference and take some rest!



8. Board Game Cafe

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You have a wide variety of board games you can choose to play at board game cafe. Usually pay per hour per person and you get a table, you get to play any board game, they even teach you how, and your hourly price comes with a drink.





Got some ideas for your bucket list? 🙂 Go and let us know what you think of these unique cafes by leaving your review! 🙂


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