I heard some really good reviews on Tokyo Momma in Centum City, but I never had a chance to go.
But finally yesterday, I was able to go and try their food. 🙂

Tokyo Momma in Centum City serves Japanese style homie food.
My first impression on the interior?

Very neat. I like.
Open kitchen? Like even more!

Their food seemed a bit pricy for Japanese food. They don’t have translated menu on the first page, but they have pictures for ALL of their menus starting from page 3 and they have everything translated there. Their bottom price for the food was around 16,000 won as I remember so it might be a little too much for many people. I went to this place with one other person, so we ended up ordering 2 menus that were pretty pricy for a katsu combo(katsu, salad, and a tiny bowl of udon, according to the picture in their menu) and a curry omu-rice.




And this was what we were served with prior to our ‘main dish’. 🙂 I was served with a bowl of salad and a pumpkin soup. That pumpkin soup was perfect for the weather too, as it warmed me up a bit in this chilly weather.



Okay. This was our curry omu-rice(Menu: Tokyo Momma; 16,000 KRW). It was served in a huge plate but the portion was ok. ——> This clearly was found wrong. Their serving size is different from other Korean restaurants. There’s a reason why it’s a bit pricy! Me and my company agreed that it’s good for 1.5 serving. One dish for 2 people is too small, for 1 person it can be a little too stuffy depending on your portion.

Then came my ‘Katsu Combo(Menu: I don’t remember what it was called on menu; 19,000 KRW)’. In the photo on the menu, the udon seemed really small, but when I was served, udon came in a huge bowl.

The katsu was too salty for me. I don’t know if it was only that day or it’s their recipe. Me and my company both loved their udon! The broth wasn’t too salty like other places/instant udon and it was very flavorful.

I highly recommend this place. I almost tipped the server because she knew what to do and was being very nice.

This place is not far from subway and is open late, so go give it a try!




For map and contact information, click here 🙂


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